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Sapling Spring Trap

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I saw this one in a TV travel documentary from Polynesia and Papua New Guinea... natives use it to trap possums and rats.
In the documentary natives set the trap on a fallen log across one little river... the flexible saplings forming two arches were tied over and under the log... also you can drive the tips of the saplings into the ground to form two arches.

1.- two flexible saplings to form the arches the size of the animal body
2.- one little stick wich is tied to the snare and the spring
3.- one bigger stick wich makes the triger in combination with the little stick
4.- knife
5.-spring branch above the trap to pull the snare up and trap the animal between the sapling arches and the snare.

Next pic you can see the trap setup... the vertical stick makes the trigger along with the horizontal longer stick.
when the animal gets through the arches it presses down the horizontal stick releasing the vertical one with the snare.
Animal gets trapped between the arches fixed to the ground and the snare pulls it up off the ground.

Side view of the trap showing the two arches and the trigger system with the snare.

Trigger system back view, snare and trigger goes between the two sapling arches

Front-side view. In order to work properly you have to carve a little notch where the horizontal stick joins the front arch at the left side of the pic... in this way when an animal touches the stick it only can move down from the trigger end, thus releasing the vertical stick and the snare snaps up.

Closeup of same view

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